Sunday, October 13, 2013

Four years on - An update

So wow, there's only four years and two months since my last post; no big deal.

I was poking around my online files and realized that this little blog has gotten a surprising amount of hits - and continues to get them, even today. So I'll write a little update about my "Harvard Square to Parliament Hill" life for anyone who's interested.

After I finished my summer working with Martha Hall Findlay in 2009, I went back to Boston, and Martha continued doing great work representing Willowdale. We kept in touch, and I was able to bring Martha to Harvard as an official guest to meet with Canadian students, speak to the a group of women interested in running for politics, and she even met with Harvard's Marshall to sign the official guest book (you can imagine the names that grace that impressive ledger).

In 2011, Martha lost her seat when the Conservatives swept the House, but I, along with many others, knew that Canada has not seen the last of her. Sure enough, Martha threw her hat, once again, into the Liberal Leadership ring when, in 2012-13, it was time replace Ignatieff/Rae.

I knew I wanted to join Martha's team, and so I left my position at Harvard and worked as Martha's Communications Director. It was an exciting campaign and we did a great job. Alas, no one could complete with Justin Trudeau, who cleaned up across the country and will hopefully prove to galvanize Liberals and some soon-to-be-Liberals to rebuild the party to good standing in parliament.

Perhaps the best part of the whole experience was the post-election trip to Mexico that our team took with Martha. Above is a pic of some of the group goofing around there. There was no way a little Leadership loss was going to keep us down!

I had a wonderful time reacquainting myself with Canadian politics and despite the less-than-desired results for the team, I loved it all. I'm now working at a Harvard/MIT Institute called the Broad and loving life in Boston. But as usual, I am keeping my eye on opportunities to return to the old homeland - or specifically, from Harvard Square to Parliament Hill.

Stay tuned for more!

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